How to maintain curly hair?

Curls, springs, locks, crinkly hair. Is this type of hair familiar to you? Girls who have such hair, definitely draw other people’s attention. On the other hand, they must have the proper knowledge about its maintenance. Have a look on the most popular, easiest and most reliable tips and tricks on how to treat curly hair.

wlosy.jpgConditioner for curly hair.

In general, using hair conditioner is an essential step in hair care. This product does not only care but also emphasises the curl. However, remember to wash and towel-dry your hair before the application. For better results, use paper towels to get rid of excess water. Apply conditioner from mid-length hair and focus on the ends. Make sure to rub the cosmetic carefully in each wisp – only this way the active ingredients will be able to penetrate into its inner parts. Next, comb through your hair with your fingers and wait until the product is fully absorbed. If you feel the need, you might as well wash your hair once more.

How to enhance curls?

Right after washing, but before drying, focus on styling your hair. For each of the separated strands, apply gel, mousse or another styling product. Next, wrap the wisps around your fingers. Then, gently compress your entire hairstyle. Thanks to this step, your hair will not be stuck together. On the contrary, it will become resilient and soft. What is more, in order to set your hairstyle and prolong its durability, you might as well apply hairspray or natural oil. Additionally, blow-dry your curly hair with a diffuser. It is even better if the tool is facilitated with ionic technology. Thanks to this feature, you will prevent static.

You will need microfibre towel.

Curly hair should be gently rubbed with a microfibre towel or a cotton t-shirt. What will you gain thanks to such treatments? Your hair will not be frizzy or static but it will become more susceptible to styling. Another advantage is that the hair will not be weakened or damaged. What is more, remember not to put the towel into a clothing dryer because the fabric might lose its useful properties. Furthermore, if you have curly hair, avoid using a frotte towels. This type of fabric can damage the structure of your hair.

Curly hair care.

Before you go to sleep, tie your hair in a loose bun or ponytail. This way you will prevent your strands from rubbing against the pillow, consequently, they will not become damaged. Moreover, hydrate your hair with natural oils or a special hair balms, every few days. Apply the cosmetic from mid-lenghts and rub more product in the ends. Thanks to such care, styling will not be as difficult as it used to be.