6# Nanoil Hair Oil

Nanoil hair oil treatment - the best in rankingEvery woman should have Nanoil hair oil. One of three that meet her hair needs. It is a hairline that gained its popularity due to an innovative approach to hair care. That is a direction no other brand has every even considered. What makes Nanoil hair oils so interesting? As the only hair oils contain exclusively natural components selected accordingly to the hair porosity. The porosity as mentioned above determines the level at which hair cuticles is raised from the hair shaft. The only excellent composition of ingredients, such as are in Nanoil hair oil, can deeply regenerate, strengthen, nourish, hydrate and more. Nanoil hair oil is the only cosmetic with a feather-light formula for fine and delicate hair.

Check out what you should know about Nanoil hair oil.

Volume: 100 ml/3.4 Fl. oz.
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Innovative components

The composition of Nanoil hair oil is like no other. What does it mean? That you will never find another cosmetic to solve hair problems like this one. Consumers have a simple choice between three hair oil versions. Every Nanoil hair oil takes care of hair with a different structure, so before the purchase, you have to know your hair porosity. Then, all that you need to remember about is to be systematic, and you are going to experience Nanoil hair oil and natural oils’ action on your skin.

To create three cosmetic versions were used 16 natural oils and nine additional enhancing substances. Characteristic thing about all three products is that the formula is free of silicone and paraben, but you will find there:

  • argan oil for heat protection,
  • passion fruit oil for elasticity and softness,
  • UV filter for sun protection,
  • vitamin E that inhibits aging processes and strengthens,
  • kerastim preventing hair loss,
  • baicapil to stimulate hair growth.

Nanoil Hair Oil. How does it work?

An exceptional combination of natural components makes that Nanoil hair oil – no matter the version – intensely regenerates, provides nourishment and strengthening for hair and scalp. It works on the surface and in the deepest hair layers. That is a product that takes care of the proper scalp condition – regulates pH and work of sebaceous glands, strengthens hair bulbs. Besides all that, it protects hair against unfavorable factors, like toxins, temperature fluctuation, the sun and mechanical damages. Every Nanoil hair oil ensures a high level of hydration and nutrients, limits water loss, adds softness, elasticity and smoother. Moreover, every version has its characteristic properties.

Nanoil for high porosity hair:

  • restores keratin structure of hair,
  • prevents split ends,
  • regenerates, strengthens and seals hair cuticles,
  • prevents hair loss, frizzy hair, and fly-aways.

Nanoil for low porosity hair:

  • sophisticated protection,
  • speeds up drying time and facilitates regeneration,
  • prevents greasy roots.

Nanoil for medium porosity hair:

  • strengthens weak hair,
  • prevents frizzy hair and smoothes,
  • prevents split ends,
  • soothes irritations, e.g. scalp.

Formula description

The multitude of nourishing ingredients and oils in the composition makes you imagine Nanoil as thick and oily cosmetic. You are mistaken because Nanoil hair oil is light-weight, efficient and absorbs immediately no matter the type. Its texture allows application on both fine and thick hair. Right after the use, it penetrates inner hair and scalp structures, acts from the very first use, coats hair with beautiful and long-lasting scent. It is a highly efficient product because one bottle lasts for several months of regular use. To cover hair, you need only 1-2 pumps.

Method of use

What else is the great benefit of the Nanoil hair oil? You can use it all the ways possible, depending on need and time you have. It is suitable for wet and dry hair oiling. You can apply Nanoil hair oil for few minutes or few hours before hair wash, or even over the night. Nanoil hair oil can be used both on hair and scalp. The oil is versatile and can replace not only intensive hair mask but also can be used as styling cosmetic to preserve hair style or for use during the day.

Additional information

Price – it may seem as Nanoil for low porosity hair should not find its place among the affordable hair oils. Contrary to the appearances, this is an investment worth making. You pay more once, but get increased efficiency and rich in natural ingredients oil that will last for many months. When you translate it into monthly cost, Nanoil for low porosity hair costs not much and is surely worth its price.

Packaging – elegant minimalism is the quality characteristic to Nanoil for low porosity hair. The bottle holds standard 100 ml/3.4 Fl. Oz. capacity, what for such an efficient product is quite a lot. The bottle itself was made with solid, non-breakable glass, so is very practical. The thick black glass was decorated with brand’s logo, golden elements (e.g. pump) and a cap made of dark wood. The top of the cap was decorated with drop-shaped carving.


  • perfectly composed natural oils
  • natural formula free of silicones and parabens
  • matches hair porosity
  • the light-weight formula for easier absorption
  • elegant and robust finish to the bottle
  • extra efficiency
  • additional substances (filter UV, vitamins) in the composition
  • ingredients inhibiting hair loss and stimulating new hair growth
  • complex action on both hair and scalp


  • apparently high price, which after giving it some thought is rather adequate
  • it is easy to leave finger imprints all over the bottle