Oil treatment for hair. How to do it?

You can take care of your hair in many different ways. Some women wash it every day, others get special treatments at hair salons and there are those who perform hair oiling. It is a very effective method for conditioning the scalp.

If you haven’t tried it yet, don’t waste your time. Test oil treatment for hair and scalp.

hair-oilOil treatment – getting ready

Hair oiling is an extraordinary treatment which improves the condition of your hair and scalp. All you have to do is get ready and use a suitable oil. You are going to need the following accessories and products: a towel, some warm water, an oil and a shower cap.

Choose the oil that suits your hair type before beginning the treatment. Bear in mind that saturated oils are ideal for low porosity hair. Monounsaturated oils work for medium porosity hair whereas polyunsaturated oils are perfect for high porosity hair. Wash your hair with a purifying shampoo before oil treatment. Detangle the strands to keep them from tangling during the application. Then, prepare an oily mixture.

  • Oils for low porosity hair are, e.g. coconut, palm, monoi, mango, babassu, kukui.
  • Oils for medium porosity hair are, e.g. almond, sesame, macadamia, rapeseed, avocado.
  • Oils for high porosity hair are, e.g. argan, grape seed, evening primrose, soy.

Prior to hair oiling wash your hair with purifying shampoo. Brush your hair to avoid tangling during the treatment. Now prepare oil mix or your favourite oil, which matches your hair type. What hair type do you have? It is easy to determine.

Make hair porosity test. Prepare a glass with clear water and a hair. Place the hair in a glass and observe it. If it absorbed water really fast, its probably damaged. This indicates high porosity. However, if it floats on the surface of the water, its porosity is low, i.e. healthy. What does it mean?

  • Low porosity hair require protection and easier stylisation.
  • Medium porosity hair need to be hydrated, nourished and protected.
  • High porosity hair demand deep regeneration and strength.

Oil treatment – how to do it?

You can choose out of several hair oil treatments, which can be matched with hair needs. For deep regeneration you can perform hot oil treatment. If you are in hurry oil mist will be enough. Oil can be applied on scalp, hair or ends alone, as well as all these areas at the same time. Hair oil treatments can be combine at choice. The possibilities are various, and the most popular are:

  • Dry hair oil treatment,
  • Wet hair oil treatment,
  • Hair oil treatment prior to hair wash,
  • Hair oil treatment after hair wash,
  • Hair oil treatment in the bowl,
  • Hair oil treatment with oil mist,
  • Overnight hair oil treatment.

The best method for beautiful hair is hot oil treatment. Take a bowl and fill it with water. Put a bottle with the oil into the bowl. After a few minutes, the product is ready to use. Apply some oil to your fingers and massage it in the scalp and hair. Put on a shower cap – active and nutritional ingredients will be absorbed much more quickly. Next, soak the towel in hot water and wrap it around your head.

The heat will open skin pores and slightly raise the cuticles – it will be easier for vitamins and minerals to penetrate inside the hair. Wash your hair with a mild shampoo or conditioner after a few hours. Be careful not to burn yourself while applying the oil. If the oil gets into your eyes, it may cause irritation. If it happens, rinse them thoroughly with cool water.

Oil treatment – effects

Hair oil treatment is recommended for all those who want to improve the condition of their scalp. It excellently conditions the scalp and strengthens hair bulbs and follicles. Also, it helps to fight dandruff, excessive hair loss and irritation. It is beneficial to your hair: prevents split hair ends and protects them from damage. Hair oil treatment deeply nourishes, smooths and adds shine.

It protects from UV radiation, heat, impurities and damaging external factors. What is more, it facilitates blow-drying, styling and detangling. It works like a styling primer. Do you know that some oils define curl and emphasize natural hair colour?

Hot oil treatment – oils

Which oils are the best for hair oil treatment? To be honest, you can use any oil. If oils are solid (called fats or saturated oils), you must heat them up anyway because they turn into liquid at 25°C temperature. However, coconut, castor, olive, jojoba and almond oils will be the most effective. Coconut oil stops hair loss, softens your strands and eliminates dandruff. Castor oil speeds up hair growth and strengthens hair bulbs. Olive oil contains antioxidant substances which slow down ageing processes. Jojoba oil makes hair smooth and shiny whereas almond oil improves general condition of hair and scalp.