Vitamins that will take care of your health.

Not only cosmetics are responsible for treating your hair. You will also need to nourish your body from the inside. You will need vitamins found in dietary supplements and unprocessed foods. What should we eat to have beautiful, thick, strong and healthy hair? Check out vitamins that you ought to take every day and how to prepare balanced meals.

beauty.jpgDull, weakened hair, prone to hair loss? If you also struggle with such problems, you should not wait any longer. Include foods rich in vitamins and minerals into your diet. Such components make your hair stronger, resilient and radiant. What is more, your scalp will be better supplied with blood and hair bulbs strengthen. Especially helpful will be the following vitamins: A, C, E, H, B5, B1, B6 and B2. However, do not forget that hair care from the outside is also important. Therefore, use conditioners, masks, scalp conditioners, rinses and homemade beauty products. Try to use as many natural components as possible. Such ingredients can be found in your kitchen or pantry, or bought in healthy foods shops.

What should be avoided?

Hair condition can be weakened by many factors, for example drugs, medicine, diseases, improper use of styling tools, inappropriate care. Remember that you loose about 100 hairs each day. However, if you notice that this number is higher, you should go to a doctor and run proper tests. If the results turn out bad, it is high time you changed your lifestyle. Begin with varying your diet. Try eating more nutritious products, and intake supplements. It will have beneficial influence no only on your hair but also on your entire body.

How do vitamins work? Vitamin A and C are responsible for strengthening and nourishing hair. Vitamin E will take care of the inner and outer structure of our hair. Biotin (vitamin H) prevents premature graying, hair loss and breakage. Vitamin B will take care of the colour as well as strengthening and growth of new hair. Vitamin B2, or in other words – riboflavin, regulates the work of the sebaceous glands. The same compound also helps to remove dandruff and cure scalp diseases.