Why sleeping with wet hair should be forbidden?

Do you also go to sleep with your hair wet? Just like most girls, you are making a huge mistake. What are the results? Damp wisps, static, irritated scalp, wet pillow. Check out how to properly treat your hair and what to do, to wake up with beautiful hair.

hair.jpgDo you know that bacteria multiply in a damp environment?

In this case it is your own pillow and hair! In consequence, your hair gains unpleasant smell, pillows become dirty. If your scalp begin to irritate you and you start noticing dandruff, you are only one step away from a visit at a dermatologist. What to do to avoid such unpleasant situations? Before going to sleep, dry your hair a little bit or allow it to air dry. What is also important, if you start using this method, you will not have to change your sheets and pillow cases so often. Remember not to lay a towel on the top of your pillow. Bacteria can also spread between its fibres which leads to damaged hair and irritated scalp.

What is more, if you do not blow-dry your hair prior to going to sleep, it is very likely that you might catch a cold. The lower the temperature, the risk of flu or other serious illnesses increases. During winter we all become more susceptible to infections. What is more, sometimes, preparations used to improve the immune system will not fully protect your body from viruses and bacteria. Therefore, before going to sleep, dry your hair and make sure to have a proper temperature in your room. Put on cosy pyjamas and cover yourself with duvet.

Did you know that wet hair is much more susceptible to damage? If you lack of time or simply cannot blow-dry your hair, apply a small amount of a leave-in conditioner or natural oil on your hair. Thanks to using such products, your hair will be smooth, sleek, nourished and the hair ends protected against splitting. Moreover, you might as well loosely braid it, create a bun or a ponytail. Avoid using rubber bands with metal elements, or sharply ended hair clips or pins. Such gadgets may only weaken your hair bulbs and lead to hair loss.