Hey, don’t be so puffy! How to counteract hair frizz

Although moisture in air is benign for hair with the tendency to static, such environment has destructive effect on frizzy hair. This sort of a problem mainly touches high porosity and curly hair. Luckily enough, the effect of puffy hair can be neutralized.

hair-frizz.jpgHow to counteract hair frizz?

1. Pay attention to the manner you wash your hair and the product you use for that. It would be great if you wash your strands with a conditioner. However, if your hair doesn’t like this kind of a treatment, then give a go to L.O.C. method. Wash the length of your hair with a conditioner, and scalp with a shampoo. Mind you, try to avoid using products composed of strong detergents because they make hair frizz even more.

2. Humectants, emollients, and proteins – What about them? These are the names of three substances that are responsible for improving and maintaining hair in a good condition. However, if used in wrong proportions, they can cause more harm than good. Humectants delivers water to hair because they have the skill to bond water. Emollients create a kind of a protective layer around hair and at the same time lock in moisture blocking it from evaporating. Proteins are substances made of amino acids. They fill in the gaps the damaged hair has on its surface. When it comes to humectants, it is worth realizing that if used in greater amounts, they make hair frizz even more. When humidity is high, it is advised to use more emollients and less (or even no) humectants. In fact, it is advised to use humectants in moderation if you want to counteract hair frizz problem.

3. Apply oils. Hair frizz can be eliminated not only by classic oil hair treatment done before shampooing. Another good solution is rubbing oil into dry hair. Apply it onto palms of the hands and smear it delicately; just try to make the oil a little bit warmer. Then, apply it to strands (to mid-lengths and ends).

4. Creaming hair. Hand cream or face cream (obviously, of a high quality and safe composition) are real treats that can help eliminate problem of frizz hair. In most cases, such creams are full of emollients. The manner of application is similar to coating hair with oils; they should be applied to dry hair, starting from mid-lengths heading downwards. The thing that has to be born in mind, it is advised against applying too much of a cream. Last but not least method of taming frizzy hair is to coat it with a silicone hair serum. Such cosmetics also have great amounts of emollients.