How to curl and straighten to avoid hair damage?

Do you know that heat styling damages your hair? High temperature decreases the level of water and keratin. As a result, the strands get dry and dull, ends start to split, hair falls out. Check how to blow-dry and straighten hair to enjoy a beautiful hairstyle.

hair-care.jpgHow to blow-dry the hair?

If you blow-dry your strands every day, you should use a device with ionisation which reduces frizz and static. But how to use the gadget? Firstly, remove excess water from your hair with a paper towel and avoid rubbing the scalp and hair. Set the dryer at a medium setting and dry the hair, starting with the strands close to the scalp and neck. If you want to have smooth and shiny hair, blow-dry in the direction of hair growth. How to add volume? Bend your head over and style your hair in this position. If you want to style your hair with a round brush, remember about spraying it with heat protection cosmetic. Hold the dryer more or less six inches away from the head to protect the hair and scalp from irritation and dryness.

How to straighten and curl the hair?

Contrary to appearances, curling and straightening weaken hair condition. Heat dries the strands, makes them dull whereas the hair ends get split. When you are choosing a styling tool, make sure it has a temperature control. Use heat protection product before curling or straightening. Keep the hair between the plates of a flat iron or curler for a while. The last step is applying a cosmetic for shiny, smooth and mosituries hair.

How to take care of hair after heat styling?

After straightening, curling or blow-drying the hair, you should apply a cosmetic which fixes the hairstyle. Sprays or leave-in conditioners will be prefect. You may as well apply a cosmetic oil suitable for your hair porosity. Remember about proper care before styling. Use shampoos, masks and conditioners which meet the needs of your hair and scalp.