This trick will make brushing your hair much easier. Every hair maniac knows it.

What to do to prevent static when brushing hair? How to clean the brush or comb from the remains of hair of dandruff? Fortunately, there is an easy way to solve these problems. All hair maniacs know it and recommend it. What is it all about?

beauty-tips.jpgIf you want to enjoy a beautiful hairdo and do not have to clean the tool after each combing, then use a simple and effective trick.

The brush or comb spear with… a tissue. You might as well use a dye-trapping sheet which protects clothes from colour bleeding during laundering. Fabric Softener Dryer Sheets are also suitable and smell nice. For brushing hair, you can use muslin or wet wipes that will leave a nice scent on your hair. What to do next? Simply comb your hair. After finishing, throw away the used tissue. The brush will remain clean and your hair – beautiful and smooth. It you want to achieve even better results, apply a mist or oil before brushing. With the use of such cosmetics, your hair will be hydrated, nourished and shiny. Do not forget about the daily care of your strands. Use regular masks and conditioners, once a month conduct hair oiling treatment, use brushes made from natural materials, and tie your hair in loose hairstyles.

If you did not like the trick with tissues and laundry sheets, use a different method. You can buy a special device designed for cleaning brushes, available in every drugstore. The gadget resembles a mini rake, with metal teeth that effectively remove hair and dandruff accumulated between the bristles of the brush. Static and frizz will be gone as soon as you begin to use appropriate cosmetics. For starters, buy leave-in hair conditioners with nutrients, cosmetic oils and silk sprays. Did you know that hand cream applied on hair will bring equally good results preventing static? Many hair maniacs use this trick. If you want to have beautiful and smooth hair, you must try it out yourself.